Coronavirus vaccine booster shot: need boost after AstraZeneca

In the UK, people who have received the AstraZeneca coronavirus vaccine will not need a booster. The company’s chief drug officer claims that this vaccine provides long-term protection against infection with Kovid-19. The chief executive of the company, Pascal Sorio, told the Daily Mail that in a short time there will also be solid data indicating that the vaccine produces strong “T cell immunity”.

No booster needed
The immune system of T lymphocytes is made up of white blood cells that enhance immunity for a long time. At present, the need for booster doses of vaccines is raised because their effect lasts a short time. However, the need for a booster can be eliminated once the AstraZeneca vaccine data is proven. The need for reminders is also mentioned about the variants so that more and more people stay vaccinated and lethal variants are not created by mutation.

waiting for data
The company expects the date to come by October or November. If this happens as expected, not only will there be positive news about the effectiveness of the vaccine, but it will also help save thousands and millions of lives for health workers. In India, too, the same AstraZeneca vaccine, produced in collaboration with Oxford, has been given to a large number of people.

better than other companies
A study from the University of Birmingham found that the company’s vaccine offers more protection than Pfizer or Moderna. At the same time, Johnson & Johnson’s Zika virus vaccine based on similar technology also provides protection for many years. At the same time, Pfizer also admitted that the effect of its vaccine starts to wane after 6 months, so a booster will be needed.

oxford did a booster dose of covishield, no corona variant

corona virus vaccine (symbolic photo)

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