Coronavirus vaccine China: China criticized for delay in shipping coronavirus vaccine: Criticism of delay in shipping corona vaccine to China

Charged with being the epicenter of the origin of the corona virus outbreak, China believed that spreading the vaccine to other countries would distract the rest of the world. However, his plan backfired and countries he had promised the vaccine to are complaining about a delay in shipping. He didn’t even rely on China for other countries’ vaccines and now he has no other way but to wait.

At least 24 countries had already signed vaccination agreements with China, according to a New York Times report. Most of them were developing countries that did not have a second option because rich countries had to deal with the Pfizer and Moderna vaccine doses first.

Delay in sending
Today, Brazil and Turkey are complaining about not receiving the requested doses. Due to this delay, he is facing problems as he was sitting on China. However, Brazil sent the AstraZeneca vaccine from India. At the same time, a discussion has started in Brazil that China is deliberately delaying delivery because it wants to punish Jair Bolsonaro for taking a stand against China.

What is the reason for China?
According to the report, China is now citing domestic demand. With the recent increase in cases there, there is a need to increase the international supply as well as its population. At the same time, Brazil’s Speaker of the House Rodrigo Maia said China blamed the technical process for the delay. On the other hand, Sinovac advertised the position for the production and packaging of vaccines. Where his factory is located, there have been restrictions due to the increase in Corona cases. In such a situation, there is a shortage of workers.

Public outrage
Previously, these countries were faced with the question of why, despite being less effective, was the Chinese vaccine trusted? There is no data yet to prove the effect of Sinopharm and Sinovac. The Chinese vaccine is not much cheaper than the other alternatives. There is also resentment in countries like the Philippines.

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