coronavirus vaccine covax: the United States will distribute 80 million doses of the vaccine against the coronavirus in the world, 75% to Covax: Joe Biden – Joe Biden announces his intention to share the covid19 vaccines internationally

The White House on Thursday unveiled US President Joe Biden’s plan to share the Kovid-19 vaccine with the world. As part of this plan from the Biden administration, 75% of the additional doses will be provided through the “Covax” initiative carried out in collaboration with the United Nations. US Vice President Kamala Harris has spoken to Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the matter.

The White House previously announced plans to share 80 million doses of the vaccine with the world by the end of June. The Biden administration said an additional 25% of doses will be reserved for emergencies and direct shipping to allies.

Demand for vaccines is low in America
This highly anticipated plan was launched against a backdrop of declining vaccine demand in the United States. More than 63 percent of adults in the United States have received at least one dose of the vaccine, while there is a lack of access to the vaccine globally.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi met with US Vice President Kamala Harris, praised the assurances given to India on vaccine supply as part of the US global vaccine sharing strategy.

30 lakh doses of Sputnik-V transmitted from Russia to India

Joe Biden’s announcement (file photo)

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