Coronavirus vaccine dose gap: Coronavirus vaccine gap leading to variant transmission

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The delta variant of the corona virus was first found in India, it is now spreading rapidly in many parts of the world, including Britain, according to a report the vaccine gap could be behind it.
The ‘delta’ form of the corona virus, which was first detected in India, is now becoming a major cause of infection in the UK. Some experts have warned that the spread of the delta model can be up to 100 percent greater than the alpha that has wreaked havoc here, but that’s not the only reason the delta dominates.

The dominant forms of the virus have a biological advantage, which is the mutation, by which these forms are transmitted very easily between people. Mutations also lead to a decrease in the effect of the less infectious form and dominance of the more infectious form.

While the impact of the delta form among people is more complex than previous forms, it is also possible that the reason for the spread of this form of the virus and its dominance in the UK is not just because it is more contagious, but government policies can also be responsible for it.

Why is the virus changing?
The first is natural selection which occurs when one type of organism completely dominates the other and over time one succeeds while the other perishes. This can be understood as when a cheetah which can run faster, outclasses its opponent and therefore is more able to catch prey. In this way, he manages to protect himself and show off himself. The second cheetah, whose speed is a little slower, does not receive enough food or if it is not able to attract the female cheetah, therefore, it is unable to rear its offspring.

The second force is the artificial choice which is part of the natural choice itself. In this, the person decides which organism will survive and develop. An example is the horse breeder. In this, the breeder mixes skilled and capable horses with others so that the next generation also has the same characteristics as these horses.

The third force is involuntary selection. In this, there are unintended effects on development when humans mix with the environment. It is also part of natural selection and is becoming an important force in the world as the population increases and humans change the global environment. A good example is that of bacteria which develop resistance against modern drugs. Antibiotics are given to kill bacteria, so we unknowingly give bacteria a chance to develop resistance to our treatment.

Several reasons behind the spread of the delta variant
Another example is agricultural practices that lead to the spread of disease between plants. People plant trees and plants too close together with a high risk of disease spreading among them. Some researchers say this was also the reason for the swine flu and possibly Kovid-19 outbreak in 2009.

Overall, this means that planting trees too close or too many differences in vaccine doses is causing change in the world. Many of these changes, such as “super insects” on which antibiotics do not work or new forms of viruses, can harm us. These are the forces that help the delta spread.

The two doses of vaccine required
Speaking of the delta form, it can infect people who have received half the dose of the Covid-19 vaccine and that is why it dominates. According to Public Health England, people who received both doses of Pfizer vaccine may have up to 88% protection against it, but those who received the same dose of Pfizer or AstraZeneca vaccine will only be protected by 33, 5%.

From the point of view of evolutionary selection, the UK government’s lengthening of the interval between the first and second doses of the vaccine is due to the fact that the delta form has had a chance to infect people. In this way, while the delta form spread to India due to natural elections, perhaps the reason for its spread in Britain was an inadvertent election and that is why it persisted and s’ is developed. In addition, living conditions are overcrowded in Bolton, a town in the northwest of England where the delta form first spread.
(Jonathan R. Goodman, PhD student, Human Genesis Studies, University of Cambridge, Cambridge, Conversation)

Corona variant found in India has spread to 48 countries around the world

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