coronavirus vaccine: Good news from US on corona vaccine, soon to be applied for emergency use – moderna seeks emergency FDA approval for covid-19 vaccine, know when vaccination will start

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ModernModerna, which is seeking authorization for emergency use of the Corona vaccine, has claimed that more than 94% of its Corona vaccine is effective, says it intends to start vaccination in the United States and Europe from 21 December in Washington.
US drugmaker Moderna has announced good news regarding the Corona virus vaccine. The company said it will soon seek permission to use its vaccine urgently in the United States and Europe. It was claimed a few days ago that this vaccine was up to 94% effective on corona patients. The company said it would seek approval from the United States Food and Drug Administration soon.

Vaccination can start from December 21
Moderna CEO Stephen Bansell said the vaccine would hit the market by December 21 if the process went smoothly and was approved. Moderna unveiled its data announced Monday in its application. In which the vaccine has been declared effective. The company claimed that all the necessary scientific criteria were met during the trial.

Modern’s Corona Vaccine Will Be Expensive
Like Pfizer, Moderna’s vaccine should be stored at a very low temperature. It is a vaccine based on mRNA technology and has been shown to be effective up to 94.5%. Moderna said the price for her vaccine was between $ 32 and $ 37 per dose. On large orders, this price may fall further. However, it would be very difficult for middle and low income countries to confirm this vaccine.

Modarna’s stock has grown rapidly
Moderna’s claim that the vaccine is coming into effect has led to a sharp increase in its stockpile. Moderna stock had gained around 7% thanks to this news. Buyers are also excited about the company’s actions.

Corona won’t stop with WHO warning vaccine
The head of the World Health Organization, Tedros Adhanom, said in his warning that even if a corona vaccine is made, it alone will not be able to eliminate the epidemic. Tedros said the vaccine will be used with all methods used. But it’s not that after the vaccine, all these treatment systems are replaced, which are still in use.

Corona vaccine price: know what price of which vaccine, which is the cheapest?

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