Coronavirus vaccine Indian variant: impact of the coronavirus vaccine on the Indian variant in the elderly: effect of the Corona virus vaccine on the Indian variants in the elderly

How well are vaccines against Corona virus variant B.1.617.2 spread in India? This question may have occurred to many people before getting vaccinated. Mainly because of vaccines showing the effects of the corona virus before many mutations are put in place right now. According to a Financial Times report, the vaccine is taking effect. Especially in older people who have been vaccinated, cases of infection with the new variant are now fewer and do not appear to be increasing.

Demonstrated impact in the elderly

According to data shared by John Bern Murdock for the Financial Times, looking at infection and death data based on age, it does not show a specific pattern but it clearly indicates the effect of the vaccine. . According to him, the percentage of cases of infection and death is decreasing among the vaccinated elderly. At the same time, where this variant has been seen in Bolton and Blackburn, Britain, there are more cases among young people.

What is the effect of the vaccine in India?

The impact of the Indian variant in Britain

John hasn’t said anything concrete about the new variant being more contagious, but in Bolton, increasing the number of cases from 20 to 150 every day, he pointed out “ something different ”. He says the cases of B.1.617.2 have increased here and other variants have decreased. He says the number is still low but the trend will need to be watched. He says data on infectivity will be released, but by then speeding up vaccination is the right step and other methods will need to be explored as well.

Strengthens the vaccine

John says vaccines are in a strong position. He says that in the coming days, we’ll see if there are more cases of unvaccinated people and how much hospitalization is needed. He reiterated his previous claim that vaccinations were a game changer. People who have been vaccinated, even if they have an infection, are not serious. The same is true for the cases of B.1.617.2.

Currently visible shortage

Speaking of the current situation in India, Corona cases have descended in many states around the country, the effect of which is visible in May. For the first time in May, 3 lakh 26 thousand 98 cases of corona were reported on Friday. Earlier on May 10, 3 lakh 29,000 corona cases were reported. Corona cases have descended in other states including Delhi, Maharashtra, Karnataka, UP which is seeing its impact. This is news of relief. The total number of positive cases rose to 2.43,72,907 after the arrival of 3,26,098 new cases on Friday. After 3,890 new deaths, the total number of deaths increased to 2.66,207.

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