Coronavirus vaccine side effects: Astrazeneca coronavirus vaccine stopped in European countries: Astradeneca Corona virus vaccine banned in European countries

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Italy, France and Germany have banned AstraZeneca’s Corona virus vaccine Italy and Germany have told patients to stop blood clots, France has not given reasons, but as a precaution, the ban is currently lifted in the Netherlands, Ireland, Bulgaria, Denmark, Norway, Rocbarlin has been set in Iceland
The Italian pharmaceutical controller took precautionary measures on Monday to temporarily stop the use of AstraZeneca’s anti-Kovid-19 vaccine. This step was taken after reports of incidents of blood clotting reported after taking the vaccine. France and Germany also imposed a temporary ban on the use of the vaccine on Monday. At the same time, AstraZeneca and global health officials have claimed the vaccine is safe.

Italy said the decision was taken in light of actions taken by other European countries. A 57-year-old teacher in Italy’s northern Piedmont region was vaccinated on Saturday and died on Sunday morning. Bodies have been sent for testing in these other cases, including this one.

France and Germany have also stopped
French President Emmanuel Macron has said the use of the AstraZeneca Corona virus vaccine in France is being suspended as a precaution. However, he did not give detailed information as to why this is being done. Germany has also banned its use following reports of possible side effects from the AstraZeneca covid vaccine. The government said the move was taken following reports of blood clots forming in the body from the vaccine.

“ The relationship between the two is not proven ”
The European Union’s Medicines Regulatory Agency called a meeting on Thursday to review the experts’ findings on AstraZeneca. AstraZeneca said around 17 million people have been vaccinated in the European Union and the UK and there are 37 cases of blood clotting in the group. The World Health Organization and the European Union’s European Medicines Agency have also said that these figures do not indicate that there is a link between blood clotting and vaccination.

British Swedish pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca and the British drug regulator have said the vaccine developed by Oxford is safe, along with AstraZeneca, for protection against Kovid-19 and that there is no evidence that these vaccines caused clotting. blood, like The news came from some European countries.

The statement comes as the Netherlands has become another country to suspend the use of Oxford / AstraZeneca following reports of blood clotting. Earlier, Ireland, Bulgaria, Denmark, Norway and Iceland took precautionary measures after concerns about blood clotting. In fact, this vaccine has been banned.

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