Coronavirus vaccine side effects in China: China’s corona virus vaccine is the most dangerous in the world, 73 side effects: Chinese doctor – China Sinopharm Covid 19 vaccine is the most dangerous in the world 73 side effects according to a chinese doctor

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China is beating fear of the safety of its corona vaccine around the world, now the Chinese doctor has revealed the claim of the dragon’s corona vaccine.
China is beating fears that its corona vaccine is safe worldwide, but now a Chinese doctor has exposed the dragon’s claims. Chinese doctor Tao Lina has sparked controversy by claiming that the Chinese vaccine against the corona virus is the most vulnerable in the world and has 73 side effects. This vaccine was developed by the Chinese government company Sinoform.

China continues to claim its vaccine is safe. Not only that, it will export it to many countries in the world including Pakistan. After the Chinese doctor’s statement went viral around the world, Dr Tao has now reversed his statement. He alleged that the Western media “distort” his words. Dr Tao claimed his earlier statement was nothing but bitter satire.
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73 Chinese Vaccine Side Effects: Doctor Tao
Dr Tao insisted the Chinese treatment was “very safe” and apologized to compatriots for the reckless statement. Earlier, on the eve of the new year, Chinese health officials gave conditional approval to the cyanoform vaccine. China claims this vaccine is 79.34% effective. China is going to have this vaccine against millions of people just before the Chinese New Year in mid-February which has health workers and workers.
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Previously, Dr Tao wrote a blog on Cyanoform’s corona virus vaccine in which he feared that this Chinese vaccine was the most dangerous in the world. This blog was uploaded to the Chinese social media site Weibo. Now that cortical has been removed and the reason has not been given. In this article, Dr. Tao claimed that there are 73 side effects of the Chinese vaccine. This includes pain, headaches, high blood pressure, loss of vision and taste, and difficulty urinating instead of an injection.

Chinese doctor made big statement on corona virus in China

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