Coronavirus vaccine snowstorm: Coronavirus vaccine given to drivers stuck in the storm: Corona virus vaccine given to drivers caught in the storm

A major disruption between the delivery of the Corona virus vaccine to the United States has occurred in the form of snowfall. For this reason, many trucks carrying the vaccine got stuck in the way. Due to the delay, the vaccine should not expire along the way, so a decision was immediately made which is now appreciated.

There were 6 doses left
The snowstorm stranded healthcare workers in Oregon, United States. The Josephine County Public Health Department reported on Facebook that 20 of its employees and workers were caught in a snowstorm after a vaccination event at a local high school. He also received 6 doses of the vaccine.

Given to drivers
This vaccine was to be given to other people, but after being caught in the storm, it was understood that they could not deliver on time. These doses were not to expire, so it was decided to provide vaccines to drivers en route. There was also an ambulance, so there was no risk to security.

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