coronavirus ventilator: on ventilator for 21 days, preparations for funeral, coronavirus finally defeated – American man beats coronavirus shares his ordeal with the world

Corona cases are on the rise worldwide. It is very important to take precautions to avoid this. Even a little carelessness can prove fatal. According to a CNN report, a similar case occurred in the United States, where a family moved to Nashville in March to discover the first cases of infection and a member was infected with the virus.

David Johnson remained in hospital for a total of 46 days, of which he was put in intensive care for 21 days. In an interview with CNN, Johnson said that at one point, doctors also responded and his brother started talking about his funeral but his health suddenly improved. He said it was probably the result of my family’s prayers that the condition had started to improve and that I was on the verge of recovery.

The symptoms were different
Johnson reported that he went to cover a sports conference in Nashville. The family also planned to celebrate Johnson’s wife’s birthday, but after eating out they started to feel sick to their stomachs and vomit. He initially thought it wasn’t happening because of the corona, but stomach pain and vomiting weren’t symptoms of this, thinking he hadn’t tested it by then- the. They felt that this may have been due to food poisoning.

Johnson said his two sons began to recover after their return. At the same time, his appetite was reduced but Johnson’s health deteriorated the most. Although at first they did not have symptoms of Kovid, which is why doctors advised them to stay home. He then continued to have difficulty breathing and coughing, after which he was rushed to hospital. His family said he had to work hard to get him to hospital. Johnson also fell at the emergency door. They were placed on ventilators and immediately on an oxygen rack.

When doctors also lost hope
Johnson’s wife said medical staff said after the first eight days Johnson has only a 5% chance of being alive. At the time of the epidemic, there was a severe shortage of ventilators in America. She said her husband was a fighter. He asked the doctors to put him on a ventilator, he would recover soon. Johnson said doctors kept him but told family he wouldn’t be alive any longer.

After some time, Johnson was unable to speak due to the improvement in his condition. He returned home on May 12, but due to his weakness and weight loss, it took him six weeks to stand up. Its weight of 25 kg has also been reduced. He said that after he got home, people used to shop for groceries outside my home. He thanked everyone for their help. Johnson believes he was healed with his family and society and for his blessings.

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