coronavirus which: WHO team travels to Wuhan, China to investigate the origin of the coronavirus: WHO team travels to Wuhan, China to investigate the spread of the corona virus

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The WHO team arrives in Wuhan to investigate the genesis of the Corona virus. China has been accused of hiding the truth since the incident began. China has denied controversy, allowing WHO to challenge
The World Health Organization (WHO) team arrived in Wuhan, China on Thursday to discover the origin of the corona virus. The Corona virus infection was first discovered in the city of Wuhar in December 2019 and then engulfed the world. Chinese state media reported that a team of WHO experts have arrived in Wuhan to find out the origin of Kovid-19.

Can be 14 days of isolation
The team comes from Singapore and has 10 specialists. According to the Chinese National Health Commission (NHC), the WHO team will complete the isolation process according to the country’s guidelines for epidemic control before starting labor. Experts are expected to stay in isolation for 14 days and undergo necessary testing for COVID-19.

“Visit other countries too”
NHC officials told media in Beijing on Wednesday that the origin of the virus was a scientific question and suggested that experts also travel to other countries. An NHC official said WHO experts will interact with Chinese medical experts via video conference during the isolation period. Questions were also raised regarding the late authorization of the WHO team’s tour.

China has denied the claims
China has continuously disputed claims regarding the introduction of the virus into Wuhan. China has consistently rejected the idea that the corona virus has been introduced to the Wuhan animal market. The animal meat market has been closed in Wuhan since the start of last year. Chinese CDC deputy director Fang Jijian said he had no answers to questions about the carrier of the corona virus or how the virus got from animals to humans.

He said Chinese medical experts would help WHO experts in an effort to find the source of the virus. Fang said, “China has called for coordinated research by the international community regarding the virus. When the WHO team arrives in Wuhan, Chinese experts will work closely with them.

WHO team arrives in China

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