Coronavirus Wuhan Lab: China accused of suppressing research data on coronavirus: Defendant from China suppressed data related to research on corona virus

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Chinese government accused of erasing corona evidence; virology lab research data explodes; Human disease research online data spreads from humans to humans
Almost a year after the corona virus outbreak ended, the truth has yet to be revealed about how and where the virus spread. The Chinese government has been accused of hiding the epidemic and it is once again called into question. In fact, it is claimed that important online data linked to the Wuhan Virology Lab, which is under the virus outbreak charge, has been deleted.

Delete more than 300 studies
According to the English newspaper “The Mail”, hundreds of pages of information related to research conducted at the Wuhan Institute of Virology have been erased. The National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) had published more than 300 such studies, many of which worked on diseases transmitted from animals to humans. All of this no longer exists. With this, once again, China faces claims that it is trying to hide the origin of the virus.

Missing Bat Studies
The data that has been removed from NSFC online studies also includes the work of Wuhan virologist Xi Zhengli, who even calls himself “ Batwoman ” to travel to bat caves to sample. Studies have also disappeared in which the risk of transmission of the corona virus like the bat Sars to other organisms was determined.

China faces allegations
Earlier last week, President Xi Jinping banned World Health Organization investigators from entering the country. On the other hand, government media claim that the virus has not started to spread from Wuhan. Since the start of the epidemic, there have been allegations that the Chinese government has not only taken the virus seriously in their country, but has also kept the whole world in the dark.

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