Corporal punishment for children: in this country, parents have beaten children, but the law was passed in parliament – Mexico bans corporal punishment of children by praents and teachers

In many countries, including India, parents or teachers often resort to spanking to improve their children. But in Mexico, if parents do this by mistake, they may need to be punished. The Mexican parliament has unanimously approved a law banning the beating of children. This law has now been sent to the President for approval.

Ban on beating children in Mexico
According to the report, the lower house of Mexico’s parliament unanimously approved a law prohibiting all forms of corporal punishment inflicted on children by parents, guardians, teachers or guardians. Congress said Thursday that an estimated 63% of children between one and 14 years of age have experienced corporal punishment.

Provision for severe punishment for beating children
The practice of pushing, chopping, chopping, pulling hair or ears, or bringing minors into an awkward position will be declared illegal, according to Congress. The law has now been sent to the President for approval. The law also provides for severe penalties for those accused of beating children.

Law developed on the basis of a UN report
It is said that this law was developed on the basis of the 2017 report of the United Nations Children’s Fund. In which it was said that 300 million children in the age group of two to four years are victims of psychological or physical violence or both types of violence by their guardian. UNICEF Chief Child Protection Officer Cornelius Williams said there was no limit to violence against children.

The UN has published several reports on child abuse
The UN has released a number of reports suggesting that children around the world are being abused by their parents or sometimes by guardians at school or daycare. He also mentions sexual violence against girls and girls.

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