corporate commitment to sustainable policies increases pride in belonging

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Employees confirm it: companies’ commitment to sustainable policies increases pride in belonging

We want to hear from you on the most popular topics each week. Therefore, in every new “Coffee Break” TV program, we throw a related question that generates a great social debate. In the last part of our television program “Coffee break”, we wondered about the meaning for you, as employees, that a company is committed to sustainable development in its management policies.

And, for almost 50% of you, viewers and readers, the fact that companies are committed to sustainable development through CSR policies is something to admire. The fact that your company is involved in these issues makes you proud to belong. For their part, 34% consider that this is a differential factor and that they will even consider changing companies because of these policies.

Conversely, 13% of readers and viewers consider that sustainability is not an issue that concerns them, they are therefore indifferent to the commitment of companies in this regard, as for 9%, who consider that sustainability is currently in the background and it is necessary to give more importance to other aspects.

This week, in our television show “Coffee break”, we talked about teleworking and we asked ourselves the following question: What is the formula for an optimal personal and professional reconciliation? And we offer you four options to choose from:

Telework 100% of the working day A flexible and hybrid system between telework and face-to-face work Being able to take children to work with a suitable space Invest in compensation for work accidents: daycare vouchers, company camps …

We are awaiting your votes in the poll that you can find on RRHHDigitaly by clicking here.

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