Corporate social responsibility Grupo Persona

Grupo Persona is a consulting company that works by and for people. For people who carry out their professional activity in many different situations and are affected by them.

We operate in the fields of professional development and talents and we bring our know-how to support the development and evolution of professionals for more than 10 years, who are still people.

The current circumstances in which our society is evolving and our economic situation made us take a step forward last April, by launching free tools in which we could all support each other and thus, flounder or take on the profound change and sudden that we face.

Some examples have been the telework guide, the development of the model of resilient organizations or the dissemination of different articles which develop good leadership practices for alarm situations.

This commitment to adding value to people is consolidated before the summer by Marta Garca San Martn, member of the board of directors of Grupo Persona, who offers to use her vast experience and her personal and professional transformation.

Corporate social responsibility begins with the people who make up the company and involves the company developing the right framework for it. This is the case with Grupo Persona and it is the will of Marta Garca San Martin.

Over the next two months, Marta will develop three professional development actions, based on personal reflection, on a deep knowledge of the moments of change that we all have to go through without a doubt.

Under the title “Hidden Talents for Heroes”, everyday heroes, everyday heroes, can we engage in reflections as important as what we are worth? or how do I know what I’m worth? or how can I pass it on to others?

This cycle is intended to ignite the flame of professional development for each of us. One of our main responsibilities, if not the main one as a person who develops a professional role.

It is time to strengthen ourselves and collaborate more closely. That is why Grupo Persona from the hand of Marta Garca San Martin wants to offer its knowledge to society.

Here is the link to register for the next webinar in the “Hidden Talents for Heroes” cycle

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