corpse of Iranian woman hanged: Iranian woman Zahra Ismaili hanged after dying of heart attack due to sharia law: extent of sharia cruelty in Iran, body hanged after woman’s death

His body was hanged after the death of a woman, Zahara Ismaili, who was waiting to be hanged in Iran. There is a strong Sharia law behind the execution of bodies in Iran. The lawyer claimed the body was hanged to give the victim’s mother the right to remove the chair from the woman’s death. Zahra has been found guilty of murdering her husband.

The lawyer said his client Zahra must be hanged at all costs so that her stepmother can exercise her right to remove the chair of death. Zahra’s husband was an Iranian intelligence officer. This officer tortured Jahra and her daughter. Zahra’s lawyer said his client had to wait for 16 people to be hanged.

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Zahra died of a heart attack, but he took his body to the gallows and was hanged so that his stepmother could remove the death chair from under his feet. Zahra’s mother-in-law was granted this right under Sharia law, which provides for taking an eye for an eye. It is said that Jahra was hanged Wednesday in the infamous Quilt City Prison in Karaj Town.

Explain that Iran comes second after China in the execution of the sentence. However, hanging 17 people simultaneously in Iran is unusual in itself. According to a UN report, 233 people were hanged in Iran last year. Three of these criminals were minors, but they were hanged. Iran also faces the death penalty for drug trafficking.

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