Correa asks for “forgiveness”, repents and asks to enter the program of rehabilitation of economic criminals

Publication: Thursday, March 18, 2021 3:47 PM

The leader of Gürtel’s conspiracy, Francisco Correa, addressed a letter to the prison surveillance judge in which he asks “forgiveness” for his crimes, declares his “regret” and claims to have applied for admission to the new economic criminal rehabilitation program .

In the letter to which laSexta had access, dated March 15, the inmate of the Valdemoro penitentiary says he must “apologize publicly” and acknowledges that his actions “can only lead one person to prison”: ma life, I had access to means of making money illicitly and easily, when I had to refrain from such practices. “

Correa admits that at first he did not take responsibility for these facts, but now he does so, to the knowledge of his lawyer, which he authorizes to “transmit to public opinion”. He assures us that at first “I used as an excuse that I did not stop using a very widespread corrupted system.” But he also admits that “he has no justification.”

Eight years in prison

Correa is sentenced in a final sentence by the Supreme Court to 51 years in prison for the first period of the Gürtel plot (1999-2005) and a further 13 years in prison for rigging in the hiring of the exhibitor assembly of the Generalitat Valenciana in Fitur in the editions from 2005 to 2009.

The National Court also condemned him for other distinct elements of the macrocause.

He entered the penitentiary to serve his sentence in February 2017, to which must be added the more than three years of preventive detention.

In total, as indicated in the letter, he has already served “eight years in prison” for the “multiple crimes of corruption” to which he was sentenced.

With all this, the leader of the Gürtel informs the prison supervision judge that he has asked the General Secretariat of Prisons that he wishes to participate in the new rehabilitation program for economic delinquency, which lasts about ten to eleven months, and he is does up to 32 sessions to which must be added those of restorative justice.

Authorizes the repatriation of 24 million euros from Switzerland

Además, reitera su voluntad de colaborar con la Justicia, recordando que ya remitió otro escrito a la Fiscalía Anticorrupción mostrando su arrepentimiento en relación a la pieza relativa a las irregularidades en el Ayuntamiento madrileño de Boadzógaro from se del Monte, that September.

He also underlines that he also gave his authorization to the National High Court to require that the Swiss authorities repatriate “the money which remained in the Swiss bank accounts” to satisfy the civil liability established in the judgment of the Court. supreme over the early period of Gürtel terrain.

Specifically, the enforcement section of the national court asked the Credit Suisse bank to release 24,041,213 euros that Correa holds in the account on behalf of the company Golden Chain Properties.

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