Correos guarantees the safety of its employees during the elections in Madrid

The exceptional health situation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic has caused a series of adjustments in the activity of La Poste with regard to jobs legally in conflict with the electoral processes.

The development of the electoral process for the Madrid Assembly on May 4, 2021, in the current context of the COVID-19 pandemic, determines, on the one hand, special attention to preventive measures of an already organizational, collective and protective nature. individual implemented by the company, and on the other hand, the adoption of others of a complementary nature to be put into practice during this electoral process.

So that all employees who provide services during this period are aware of the existing risks and the preventive measures to be taken against each of them, they receive preventive training against the risks of COVID-19 and receive all the necessary information.

All offices have guest screens and their capacity is controlled to avoid crowds of people in order to maintain a safe distance inside. In offices with more voters, exclusive windows will be set up for postal voting to speed up this process.All employees are provided with an FFP2 mask, gloves and gels for personal use. For their part, office users also have hydro-alcoholic gels available at the entrance to the offices and at customer service counters.

Likewise, in the offices, it has been intensified that all exchanges of electoral documents, necessary identifications, etc., are deposited at the counter, avoiding at all times any physical contact between employee and customer.

In the case of delivery of the vote at home, it will be carried out with the guarantee of interpersonal security between the employee of the Post Office and the voter. Both must be protected with the corresponding masks. In the event that the voter must uncover himself or remove his mask to prove his identity, this will be done for the minimum time necessary and while respecting the safety distance. At no time will the postal employee maintain direct contact with the recipient of the item. The worker will collect the data necessary to identify the voter, without having to obtain his signature.

For health and safety reasons, Correos employees will under no circumstances have access to the interior of private homes for the delivery of electoral documents. Under no circumstances will they access residences for the elderly, hospitals or similar, beyond the usual points of reception or delivery of correspondence.

The health security measures in Correos in view of the vote, and for all the activities carried out by Correos, ensure at all times the hygiene, cleaning and disinfection measures indicated by the health authorities, both in the work centers than in vehicles. And postal equipment.

In short, Correos strives to comply with its legal obligations in electoral processes, adapting, on this occasion, to the specific circumstances that occur during the May 4 elections and offering its employees and voters all health guarantees. in the different procedures. What citizens must do.

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