Cosmic impact on Earth: Impact of cosmic objects Life changed on Earth: Life on Earth changed after a celestial collision

Experts believe that 13,000 years ago a collision on earth must have been so terrible that instead of wandering around, humans began to live in one place and live. According to the researchers, this event was perhaps the biggest collision since the destruction of the dinosaurs and it triggered the Ice Age which lasted more than a thousand years.

The study indicates that before the start of the Neolithic period, humans began to settle permanently in Egypt, Iraq and Lebanon instead of leading nomadic lives. This trend is believed to have intensified due to the collision of an object from space. However, no reason was given as to why this happened and more research was needed.

Has life changed because of an asteroid collision?
It was written in the diary that during this time proof of the occurrence of any major event can be given, but this cannot be done in a certain way that the events which are considered to be its effect did not occur. products for another reason. . . . In the study, researchers looked at data from North America and Greenland. He found platinum, nanodiamonds and other materials, believed to indicate the collision of objects from space.

Platinum is rare on Earth, but it is abundant in asteroids. In October 2019, scientists found massive amounts of Wondercrater platinum in South Africa. It was believed that he must have reached due to a meteorite. After that, the Ice Age began.

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