Cosmic map of Turkey: Cosmic map found in the temple of Turkey with the underworld

An ancient calendar and a map of the universe were found in the excavations of the archaeological department in a temple in Turkey. The paintings carved on the stones are believed to be 3,200 years old. Among them, there is mention of an “underground world” which is present under the earth. The temple in which it was discovered was first discovered by French archaeologist and historian Charles Texier in 1834.

Here 90 different animals, devils and figures of gods are visible in the figure carved on limestone. It took 200 years to figure out after their discovery, but researchers are convinced that this picture of the universe consists of the earth, the sky, and an underworld. On one wall are the sun god and the storm goddess.

In this, God is shown above others. On the other hand there are less people on the east and west walls, there are different phases of the moon, showing birth and death. According to one estimate, then 17 gods were considered. The painting in one of the rooms represents the underworld.

According to a researcher, an image of the universe was shown in the temple. It also has a fixed earth, sky and underworld, and changing times like day and night and winter and summer.

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