Cosmic necklace: the Hubble telescope takes the image of a necklace of exploding stars: the Hubble telescope takes a photo that looks like a necklace of stars

The US Space Agency’s NASA is monitoring events happening in space that just seem unbelievable. A few days ago, the agency shared a photo on Instagram, which is now referred to as “ astronomical jewelry. ” Seeing this, people are forced to hold their breath on social media.

This photo was taken from NASA’s Hubble Telescope and shows Neclace nebulae located 15,000 light years from Earth. Sharing a Hubble photo, she has been described as a cosmic jewelry store. Since being shared, it’s been highly regarded online and millions of people have loved it.

According to NASA, the nebula forms after a star bursts. The ring-shaped shape seen in the image spans 12 trillion miles. The explosion caused by the explosion of the star emits gases that come together and glow and look like diamonds in a necklace.

A nebula is actually a giant cloud in space made up of dust and gas. Some nebulae are formed from the gas and dust emanating from a burst of dying stars, like a supernova. At the same time, some nebulae are areas where stars are formed, that is, the birthplace of stars. For this reason, a nebula is called “Star Nursery”. Nebulae are found in certain forms such as eagles, butterflies, etc.

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