Cospedal admits to having met Villarejo alone, but claims he never tasked him with espionage

Former PP Secretary General María Dolores de Cospedal admitted to having had talks alone with former Commissioner Villarejo, but says she never mandated him to spy on members of her party.

Cited as a defendant in the context of Operation Kitchen for the alleged para-police surveillance of ex-treasurer Luis Bárcenas, the former president claims to have no knowledge of the directives that would have been sent to her since her training, as well as of his alleged relationship. with the former commissioner Villarejo, whose meetings, indicates, were not part of his agenda.

In this sense, the former secretary general admitted to having detailed his relationship with the former commissioner. As Miguel Serrano told the prosecutor, her husband introduced her to Villarejo in 2009. Then he explained to her before meeting him that he had a very important consultancy firm, that he had excellent relations. with the press and that he was researching.

As she explains, her husband, Ignacio López del Hierro, was present at the first meeting, but the rest of the meetings were alone. In any case, Cospedal said he did not know if Villarejo was behind some espionage, like that of Rita Barberá. And he insists: he never gave a specific order to Villarejo and never asked for service. He also did not order the payments, he says.

Cospedal accuses Bárcenas of “liar”

During his speech before Judge Manuel Castellón, Cospedal also denied the hypothesis raised by the magistrate on the PP’s interest in extracting documents from Bárcenas. In this sense, the former leader says: “This documentation was in Genoa, we could have taken it.

In other words, “that person”, as former secretary Bárcenas called it during his speech, according to Cospedal, “gave many versions of what he had and what he did not have. not”. And he launches: “He remains as he is, a liar,” he emphasizes.

In view of this, the accused was surprised that Bárcenas never entered the house, and even blamed the police. Therefore, he states: “The People’s Party did not need to pull anything away.

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