Coup in Myanmar India China: Military coup in Myanmar increases difficulties for India, threat of Chinese dragon increases – Military coup in Myanmar in India facing a tug of war steep between the army and western countries

Strong points:

India withdrew during the UN Security Council discussion on Myanmar, sources said after the clandestine discussion no statement was released to the media. Russia and China were Indrani Bagchi, the main reason for Myanmar’s flight from the United Nations. New Delhi / Yangon
After the military regained power in Myanmar, India backed down during the UN Security Council’s discussion of taking drastic measures by Western countries. According to sources, after this discussion, no statement was made public. The main reason for escaping Myanmar’s lakes was that Russia and China had lost the efforts of Western countries.

During the Security Council discussion on Myanmar, India found itself in a very awkward position while supporting democracy. Although there was no contact between India and the military junta after the military took power, New Delhi decided to continue development operations in Myanmar even after the coup. This development work will continue, particularly in the Rohingya-dominated Rakhine State. In Rakhine State, India is building the port of Sittwe and Rohingya houses for Muslims.
Coup in Myanmar: open support of China to the army of the dictator of Myanmar, proposal to condemn the veto to the UNSC
Myanmar has opened the door to democracy to reduce its dependence on China
The United States has previously called the Myanmar incident a military coup, fearing to impose new sanctions on Myanmar. However, if we look at past experiences, the sanctions do not have much impact on Myanmar. There is concern that if the United States bans Myanmar, it could fall into China’s lap. Myanmar is believed to have opened the door to democracy in 2010-11 to reduce its dependence on China.

China and Russia reacted very coldly to this coup and the ASEAN countries called for dialogue, dialogue and reconciliation and called for a return to normalcy. Japan called the Myanmar incident a coup but decided to continue funding. Japan has said it will respond to the situation. The United States and Australia have made tough statements and threatened sanctions.

Good relations with Myanmar military government needed for India
India wishes to keep in touch with the Myanmar military government as there are many reasons for doing so. Many militant groups see Myanmar as a paradise, which means India will need military help to deal with it. China supports the Arakan army operating in Myanmar which attacks the Indian Kaladan project. India needs Myanmar’s military to deal with it. Most importantly, India wants Myanmar to act against the military that China supports. The Va Army not only attacks Myanmar’s security forces, but also supplies militant groups operating in Myanmar and India with weapons.

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