Couple destroys Jonone’s art: CCTV shows couple in Seoul smearing more than $ 500,000 in graffiti: husband and wife in South Korea accidentally spoil paint over 3 crore rupees

In South Korea, a misunderstanding between husband and wife ruined a painting worth Rs 3 crore. In fact, while inspecting an art gallery, he felt that as a participatory art, he had the freedom to apply color to the painting. He had no idea that this painting was done by the famous American graffiti artist John One.

This painting was worth 3 crores
The head of this art gallery said the painting, estimated to be around 240 centimeters long and 700 centimeters wide, cost $ 500,000. This painting was painted by John One in 2016 in Seoul in front of an audience. It is common that when an artist is performing a live painting, a brush and paint cans are also on display with them. It is also considered to be part of the work of art.

Confusion occurred while applying brushes with paint
Paint cans and brushes were also attached to the painting during an exhibit in a gallery at Lotte World Mall in Seoul. The couple, upon inspecting the art gallery, understood that this box and brush were for public use only. He started smudging that three crore paint with an instant brush. When the exhibit staff saw their action on the CCTV camera, they came running and captured them.

The art gallery has not registered any cases indicating human error
Staff at the art gallery called the police for ruining the three crore painting. Police also looked at CCTV footage of the entire incident before arresting the couple. Later, the manager of this art gallery, Kang Wook, said that we decided not to press charges against the couple because they had made this mistake without knowing it.

Art gallery contacting the artist
Kang Vung said we decorated the brushes and cans as part of the painting, but the couple didn’t know. He thought he was allowed to paint as a participatory art, which is a human omission. We are currently discussing with the artist what to do with this painting. The gallery then placed a Do Not Touch board near the painting to be on the safe side.

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