couple kissing in flight: Pakistani couple kissed couple, the flight attendant had to give a blanket – Pakistani couple caught kissing on an airblue flight the flight attendant had had to give cover

The shocking news emerged from a Pakistani passenger plane. A couple from the Pakistani city of Karachi to Islamabad drowned in love so much that they started kissing in the air in the middle. Kissing on the Pakistani couple’s plane caused a lot of people to sit down and they started to strongly object. The circumstances were reached that the flight attendants had to give them blankets.

According to Pakistani newspaper Express Tribune, the embarrassing incident happened on May 20 on Airbrew flight PA-200. Eyewitnesses claim that the couple in row four have started kissing. After that, the other passengers sitting there asked the flight attendant to stop the pornography of this couple from acting. The couple did not pay attention to the attractiveness of the flight attendant.

After that, the flight attendant gave this couple a blanket after they lost their fatigue to do their porn inside. Passengers said they too tried to stop the couple, but the two broke up. Couple said, “Who are you, who will tell us?” Lawyer Bilal Farooq Alvi said he had filed a complaint with the Civil Aviation Authority. He said the airline had taken no action to arrest the couple. The investigation into the case has started. Pakistani social media are very angry with this incident.

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