couple marriage: two friends have loved the same girl, great idea to stay together – best friends in a relationship fall in love with the same woman on vacation and decide to date her

Two friends from Brazil loved the same girl, but this did not break their friendship, but a new relationship was established between them. The girl also started dating them instead of picking one and named the relationship Thropple (like a two-person couple). The lives of the three are a lot of fun now. Initially, the family opposed this strange relationship, but now everyone is fully helping this relationship. Let’s see how this love story started and now how the three people spend their lives together …

Olga couldn’t refuse to go out with Dino and Saulo

Dino D’Souza and Saulo Gomes met a girl, Olga, at the local Belarusian bar in 2019. Olga came to the bar to have fun with her friends and when the two friends asked her on a date, Yo ne did not refuse them both. The two friends also went to Olga together, as he didn’t want their friendship to be broken. The three Thropple, who live in France, did not explain how their intimate life is going and if everyone is going to sleep together. However, it is believed that the two friends are only in a relationship with Olga and not with each other.

Dino and Saulo love Olga

Dino and Saulo say he never imagined he would become a slave. But then he met Olga and the two had the same feeling and their relationship with Olga continued. Dino said he went with Saulo to Barcelona, ​​where the two arrived straight at the bar. The Champions League game was approaching and both were watching the same game. Then they saw Olga, who had come with her friends. The two friends invited Olga to have a drink with them, and then this story started from here. The friends say it’s not about them that the three of us are in a relationship together, but the real thing is the chemistry between them.

The family were shocked at the relationship, then such a thing happened

The chemistry between the three people was so good that you can often understand the feelings from the front. We can tell each other’s feelings, but we can’t tell what to name them. At first friends and family were shocked to learn about this relationship but then explained it to their family and friends and today everyone is cooperating. At first there were a lot of negative responses, but whoever encountered these thropples started to change their thinking. It is now planned to raise a family with these throws.

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