COVAP integrates the electronic signature of the hand of Grupo Castilla to remotely manage more than 1000 contracts this year

COVAP integrates the electronic signature of the hand of Grupo Castilla to remotely manage more than 1000 contracts this year

With the introduction of the digital signature in its working relationships, the Valle de los Pedroches livestock cooperative, at the forefront of digitization in the sector, succeeded this year in processing 100% of its contracts electronically without move.

The use of the digital signature brings agility and security in addition to changing the way of preparing, executing and managing contracts and agreements of the three companies.

The livestock sector continues to embrace a new era of good practice driven by technological innovation that defines new ways of knowing how to adapt to the current socio-economic context. With a philosophy very marked by innovation as one of its axes, the Valle de los Pedroches breeding cooperative (COVAP) founded in 1959 by a group of farmers, continues to bet on digitization for the management of all its processes. COVAP closed the year 2019 with a turnover of 476 million euros, which represents an increase of 2.3% compared to the previous year. COVAP’s workforce is currently 862 people, or more than 1,000 for all the companies in the group.

Their decision to include an integrated solution with biometric, centralized and remote digital signatures succeeded in solving some needs that stemmed in part from the large number of production plants. From the signing of distance contracts to teleworking or meetings via virtual platforms, technology has become a great and essential ally of this group, especially now in the management of Human Resources.

The new era of the livestock sector

To do this, they have the VIDsigner solution based on Validated ID technology and its partner, the human resources management solutions Grupo Castilla, leader in human capital management. To provide good service to our customers, we must optimize the resources of our departments and continue to forge a state-of-the-art path to take care of our employees. Our history is marked by all the people who, from the beginning until today, have made it possible. And that’s it, as our first president said: We are not in a region rich in land or water, but with an incredible human element that has led to the economic and social development of these regions, adds Ms. Jess. Arconada. , RRLL Coordinator and COVAP Administration.

Thanks to the integration of the digital signature, the benefits obtained have been considerable. Among other species, they are dedicated to the Iberian Montanera pork campaign, which lasts about three months, from January to March. In this period, we have incorporated around 240 people. These workers had to go to human resources offices to sign their contracts, each of which is five pages long. This caused long waits in the office when they finished their day, that is, when they took the opportunity to sign them. Initially, we had the remote electronic signature for teleworkers and the biometric signature, for those who had to come and connect to the digital medium. Later, we decided to integrate the centralized digital signature for HR as well, which helped us a lot. We can sign ten or more contracts at the same time with the certificate key through the digital certificate. Therefore, it is no longer necessary to receive a message with a password every time we sign a contract, contract termination letter, base copy, or model 145, added from the cooperative.

With the introduction of the biometric, centralized and remote digital signature, employees no longer need to go to the human resources department to sign documents, thus saving time on travel. More than 700 contracts with an average of 5 pages were scanned per year, for three copies of each contract, or approximately 11,250 sheets. To this must be added the basic copies, the letters of termination of contract, two from the company and the worker, and two others from the RLT, or 4 sheets for 500 workers, or about 2,000 more sheets.

As they point out in the group, they have hires every week. Likewise, they manage other factories located in Girona and Lugo, and now all the documentation can be managed thanks to the integration of the electronic signature with their HR management program Epsilon of Grupo Castilla, without the need to scan and ‘send, and this has meant a head start for them and a saving of time and paper, which will make us more efficient, says Arconada.

Optimization, saving time, and always respecting the privacy policy of employees are essential for any sector, including the breeder who is making leaps and bounds in terms of technological innovation and will be one of the sectors which will help reactivate the economy, says Santi Casas, CEO of Validated ID and provider of the VIDsigner digital signature service integrated into this software.

The digital transformation will ultimately reach companies in all sectors and, above all, will have a particular impact on companies that have a long-term vision of the future, an innovative attitude and where technology plays a role of strategic ally. Being able to count on partners such as Validated ID who bring their knowledge and technology is essential in order to be able to offer complete value-added HR solutions to our clients, says Carles Castilla, CEO of Grupo Castilla, the company responsible for management software. people from COVAP.

The commitment to digitize all business processes has become the key tool to improve efficiency and productivity, reduce costs and reduce time spent on customer service and communication. And it is that, the implementation of a digital experience, such as the use of the electronic signature, is also a great ally for the environment by its contribution to the reduction of the use of paper and the associated pollution.

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