Cover 100% of the credit, among the main economic objectives of each training department

Cover 100% of the credit, among the main economic objectives of each training department

Ability Human Resources SL has been, for more than 20 years, a management entity specialized exclusively in the bonus of training credits before FUNDAE. The company was born in 2000 with a clear idea, a well-defined line of work and an objective: to subcontract the premium for administration training.

It is a pioneer in the exclusive management of training courses and they have worked tirelessly to provide this service to companies. His way of working is marked by his philosophy: “Training is not an option, but an obligation of companies, and their premium is a right of these which lies in an advantage for the company, for its workers and for the market. work in general “.

The training bonus is not a subsidy, but a recovery of deductions previously made both to the company and to the worker himself. Therefore, the aim is to recover said credits for the purpose for which they were collected, namely employee training. Covering 100% of the credit should be one of the economic goals of every training department.

In recent years, the training sector has specialized dramatically. However, it is difficult to find companies which exclusively manage the training bonus without having an educational interest. At Ability, they made sure to maintain its essence. Thanks to this exclusivity, they make sure to avoid the conflict of interest that training entails. Since internal training is also training and represents an expense for the company, we must not forget its bonus as well as external training. Both are also valid for covering the entire credit.

This last objective is important at Ability: “Recover 100% of the credit” is the fundamental premise of this company which expands its services every year with the aim of making the work of its customers as easy as possible. This allows training services to free themselves from a fundamental part of the administrative work involved in this task and to focus on researching and carrying out quality training, which is the great added value of the training sector for the ‘business.

For this reason, Abilitynos reminds us that the time has come; Too bad for bringing this year’s subsidized training to a close, so difficult in many ways and which brought us the novelty of face-to-face training via the virtual classroom; how to plan and organize training for next year.

Among the many services offered by Ability to its customers, it is worth highlighting the individual treatment of its staff, always available and with knowledge accumulated from more than 20 years of experience. This proximity allows the company a continuous feedback, which provides essential information to improve its services and adapt them to its clients, including advice and participation in the relationship with the legal representation of workers, preparation and document automation, report creation. tracking, credit consumption statistics and a long etc.

Due to the new situation and the shift of the entire workload to digital services, Ability has launched an update to its online platform which, as we have seen, makes it as easy as possible to communicate with his clients. This proprietary platform was developed for you, so that clients can access the up-to-date evolution of training, and is in continuous development thanks to the evolving ideas and needs of the companies with which it works.

These technological advances pose a privacy issue for many businesses. At Ability, data protection updates are constant and are advised by experts who provide exceptional legal certainty both in traditional uses of data and in new updates, including all information stored on the server. and all e-mails exchanged with customers.

This is why all Ability digital services are proprietary, developed within the framework of the company and whose information is stored on the server itself. It is in no way a subcontracting, which avoids the problems of confidentiality and storage of client company data. All data is always kept on Ability’s own servers.

The latest update to the platform and the investment made to adapt to new times are the icing on a cake that has been baking for 20 years, with the result of a company that led, in its beginnings, the development of sector and this, even today, drives its evolution.

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