Covid 19 aerosol microdroplets: Small droplets in the air reduce the risk of spreading a corona virus infection: study

A new study has found that aerosol microdroplets (micro-droplets suspended in the air) exposed to the air after our cough or sneeze are not responsible for the spread of the corona virus infection. According to the study published in the journal Physics of Fluid, aerosol diffusion of SARS-COV-2 in an enclosed space is not very effective.

The researchers said in a statement: “If a person goes to a place where a person was present shortly before that is showing mild symptoms of a corona virus infection, that person’s chances of getting infected. are less. ” He said that this fear is even less when the person talks about that.

The study said: “Our study on the spread of SARS-COV-2 showed that aerosol diffusion is possible, but not very effective, especially in cases of uncomplicated or less symptomatic infection. Daniel Bonn, co-author of the study at the University of Amsterdam, says that due to supernatural drops, the number of viruses they contain is low. Therefore, the risk of resulting infection is low.

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