Covid-19 Antibodies: Covid-19 Antibodies India Latest News: In most patients with Corona, anti-virus antibodies can develop on their own

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People infected with Corona can develop anti-virus antibodies on their own, said researchers at Tel Aviv University in Israel, published in the journal Science Science “ PLOS Pathogens ”
Antibodies can develop on their own to fight the new corona virus in most people who are severely affected by Kovid-19. This was said in a study supporting the use of antibody therapy to prevent and treat disease. The researchers said that antibodies specifically attacking the receptor binding domain (RBD) of the SARS-Cove-2 spike protein are considered essential for controlling Kovid-19.

The virus uses RDB to enter human cells. The study, conducted by a team including researchers from Israel University in Tel Aviv, said antibodies focused on RDB have been found in people recovering from Kovid-19. He said some people who have recovered from the infection have seen tremendous and long-lasting immunity, while others have relatively weak antibodies.

The study, published in the journal “PLOS Pathogens,” compared B-cell responses in eight and a half of severely covid-19 individuals and 10 and a half months after being infected with the virus. Molecular and bioinformatics techniques have been used for this. The B cell immune system is responsible for the development of antigen-centered immunoglobulins (Ig) against invasive pathogens.

Research found that high concentrations of antibodies specific to RBD were found in very sick patients and an increase in B cells. Of the 22 antibodies produced in two of these patients, six had the ability to fight SARS- Cove-2. The researchers said: “The biopharmatic analysis showed that most patients with Kovid-19 developed antibodies against SARS-Cove-2 on their own.”

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