Covid-19 Billionaires: Covid-19 Billionaires: The poor world of Corona, but these affluent medical industry merchants – Covid-19 Billionaires, new medical industry tycoons who got rich during the coronavirus pandemic

The economy of almost every country in the world is reversed because of the corona virus. The International Monetary Fund has called it the biggest economic disaster since 1930. Amid it all, many people around the world have benefited greatly from the corona virus. At least 50 new billionaires associated with the global health sector were included in the list of big capitalists during the coronavirus epidemic.

Increased wealth of business owners manufacturing medical products
According to Forbes, most of these manufacturers own pharmaceutical companies, scientific investors, medical devices, test kits, diagnostics, packaging and personal care products. The bank balances of these people grew very rapidly in the Coronas. The wealth of American billionaires alone has increased by about $ 1 trillion. Most of the new billionaires are Chinese and American businessmen.

CEO of Moderna and BioNtech also included
The millionaire list also includes Ugur Sahin, CEO of Bioentech, a company that makes the Corona vaccine, and Stephen Banksel, CEO of Morden. Their wealth saw a sharp increase during the Corona period. These two companies increased their wealth by manufacturing two major coronavirus vaccines for Europe and America.

This third-ranked Chinese Canadian businessman
Forbes’ new billionaire list includes Canadian citizen Yuan Liping number three. Its total assets are estimated at $ 4.1 billion. Yuan has a monopoly on the manufacture of the Oxford AstraZeneca Corona vaccine. Yuan is the former wife of Du Weimin, president of Shenzhen Kangtai Biological Products, China. The company manufactures about a quarter of China’s major vaccines.

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Huge profits for a company that manufactures vaccine vials
The list also includes Hu Kun, president of Contech Medical Systems, China’s leading manufacturer of medical devices. His company supplies products such as stethoscopes and blood pressure monitors to hospitals around the world, including China. Its total assets are estimated at $ 3.9 billion. Apart from these, the wealth of Sergio Stavanato of the Italian medical packaging company Stevenato Group has also increased. His company makes vials for vaccines.

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