covid-19 by touching a surface: Covid-19 by touching the surface: do not wipe unnecessarily, no evidence of corona infection by touching the surface has been found so far – no evidence that anyone who caught the covid -19 by touching a surface, says American experts

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Corona infection does not spread by touching the surface, the US CDC has said. According to an expert, this virus does not spread through the surface, but in the air. No evidence of corona infection has been found by touching the surface so far.
All over the world, the pace of corona virus infection is very fast at the moment. When the outbreak began last year, there were concerns that his virus would spread to the surface and infect people. After that, people began to avoid touching the handles of their houses and the doors of their cars. In many establishments, the doors were left open during office time. Now, US experts have claimed that they have yet to find any evidence in which a crown has been infected by touching the surface.

People are afraid to touch the surface to avoid infection
Suspicion of the Corona outbreak spreading to the surface last year was so high that people stopped grabbing doors and railings. Facebook has closed two of its offices for a deep clean. The New York Metropolitan Transport Authority cleaned the subway every night. The condition of the Delhi metro was the same in India. Again, when the service started after the metro had closed for several months, it continued to be disinfected every day.

The US CDC also said – no risk of surface infection
Now, the case of infection by touching the surface has made a big revelation by the US Institute for Health-Controlled Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). This institute reported that the risk of surface infection is less than 1 in 10,000 infected people. In a recent White House briefing, CDC director Dr Roselle Valensky said the risk of infection with the crown when touching the surface is actually very small.

The expert said – not from the surface, but the virus is spreading from the air
Linse Mar, airborne disease expert at Virginia Tech, said we’ve known for a long time, but people still pay too much attention to cleaning the surface. He said no evidence has been found so far that anyone has suffered from a corona by touching the contaminated or infected surface. Since last year, it has become even more robust as the virus is mainly spread by air. The crown draplates stay in the air quite a long time. When he comes into contact with a human being, he makes his body his home. Because of this, the rate of Kovid infection increased very quickly.

No scientific basis for surface infection
Rutgers University microbiologist Emmanuel Goldman said the scientific basis for infection through contact with the surface is almost nil. He also said that you can get infected with this virus by breathing but not by touching any surface.

The main reason the virus spreads is not to touch the surface
The US CDC has previously said touching the surface was not the main reason for the virus to spread. This was made even clearer by the CDC statement released this week. Building safety expert Joseph Allen of the Howard TH Chan School of Public Health said the gist of this update was that he made it clear to the public that the risk of the crown spreading across the surface was very low, which was not clear last year. .

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