COVID-19 has increased the need for technology and real-time data in leadership and management

COVID-19 has increased the need for technology and real-time data in leadership and management

The paradigm of team performance is changing. The global impact of Covid-19 has heightened the importance of specific measures to help us learn and adjust our business strategies. Additionally, leadership in uncertain times must be based on innovation and real-time data.

Digital transformation and new working methods are disrupting all organizations, challenging our perception of the workplace today. Companies increasingly need agile, forward-thinking and intelligent teams capable of adopting transformative management strategies to adapt to an ever-changing business environment, while maintaining engagement and well-being. organisation. The best consultants and coaches need transparent human data to support the leadership, cultural and digital transformation of their clients.

TeamEQ is the rapidly growing online team analysis and team intelligence platform that addresses the needs of specific organizational ecosystems. It offers a unique, real-time analytics platform that helps businesses measure and improve team performance and engagement with industry-leading technology and transparency.

TeamEQ is pleased to announce the signing of an international partnership agreement with the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL) for Europe, the Middle East and Africa, with the aim of strengthening executive coaching services and of CCL team coaching for its clients through access to human data in real time. “We are proud to announce this partnership with a leading leadership development institution such as CCL, which represents the new era of organizational effectiveness in which the two companies believe, combining technology and human development. Our customers will benefit from a solution. comprehensive and tangible for the new business environment, integrating the most advanced real-time team analysis with high-level “on-demand” coaching interventions, says Francesca Gabetti, co-founder and CEO of TeamEQ.

With the support of TeamEQ, CCL, a global provider of leadership development services, offers an innovative method of coaching, leveraging the platform’s ability to deliver simple, impactful and predictive solutions.

This agreement, in line with TeamEQ’s vision and strategy, is an important step in the company’s global growth and constitutes further validation of its unique scientific methodology. Born 4 years ago between Silicon Valley, Barcelona and Milan, the start-up now has a team of more than 15 professionals and has reached its second round of financing, offering services to companies in different sectors in more than ‘ten countries. . The data-driven analysis is collected through 2-minute Teambeat surveys that provide a collective team view of 9 key research attributes – such as team confidence, alignment, motivation and well-being – and more – Action variables, as well as live feedback and transparent dashboards for teams. This provides insight into the dynamics of key hidden teams, helping leaders and businesses make better, more effective decisions to improve performance.

Coaches and Consultants can work with Team Leaders and Team Leaders through the TeamEQ platform, enhancing their virtual or face-to-face coaching sessions with real-time data. This will help CCL put in place measures to ensure the return on investment of its interventions and increase the predictability of a team’s needs.

According to Lynn Collins, Director of Strategic Partnerships at CCL in EMEA: “This innovative partnership combines reliable data analysis with CCL’s coaching expertise to deliver a powerful experience for our clients, strengthening team performance through to interventions. In these times, coaching continues to be a key component for organizations to prepare people to lead through disruptive innovation and to accelerate new ways of working to achieve relevant results.

Francesca Gabetti adds that “Covid-19 has redefined the way we work in uncertain and complex environments. Now, more than ever, listening to our teams, supported by real-time feedback and immediate digital human data decision making is a must for all businesses to ensure leadership continuity. “

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