Covid 19 infections in the US on the rise in children Doctors are very concerned: children have more, increased blood pressure than adults in the corona virus

In the United States, Corona cases are on the decline, but experts are now worried about the new threat. According to a Bloomberg report, early April saw more cases of corona infection in American children than in adults. This has raised concerns about whether the crown will become a serious crisis for children. In India, too, many experts have warned children of the dangers.

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, in early April, corona cases in children ranging from toddler to age 12 increased compared to adults 65 or older. The latest figures also indicate a continuation of this trend. Not only that, the rate of hospitalization of children has not decreased due to the corona. In such a situation, researchers fear that the Corona variants will affect young people in new ways.

Two thousand cases of multi-system inflammatory syndrome in children
It also includes a disease causing inflammation, which manifests itself by attaching to the crown. The biggest problem, according to the report, says Boston Children’s Hospital intensive care physician Adrien Randolph, is that an entire population of children is still without any protective measures. In February alone, more than two thousand cases of multisystem inflammatory syndrome were seen in children, which rose to more than three thousand in April.

In children, the disease is usually observed a month after the crown has healed. It can be fatal but still rare. It causes inflammation in many parts of the body. Whether it is the heart, the mind, the lungs or the intestines. Symptoms can range from an upset stomach to dysentery. It is commonly seen in children between one and 14 years old.

Is there more danger than the British variant?
Since most corona cases in the US are of the UK variant b.1.1.7, the question arises as to whether inflammatory disease in children is due to this variant. According to Randolph, this inflammatory disease of body parts is seen more in children who appear healthy and in whom symptoms of corona have not occurred. Clinical trials conducted so far by vaccine manufacturers have focused only on adults. 72% of the population over 65 have been fully immunized. Pfizer’s vaccine can also only be used in adolescents aged 12 to 15 years.

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