covid 19 john hollis super antibody: super antibody: this person has ‘super antibodies’, corona not detected, new strain too useless – john hollis has super antibodies that prevent him from contracting covid 19

In the US state of Virginia, there is one person who has “super antibodies”. The body antibodies of this man named John Hallis are extremely effective in neutralizing the corona virus. It is said that their antibodies can produce a vaccine that can eliminate new variants of the virus from the root. The antibodies are so powerful that even if they are diluted 10 thousand times by mixing the liquid, they can still defeat the disease.

John said that in March of last year he returned from a trip to Europe with his 16-year-old son. Then he felt a little stiff but it wasn’t too harsh. They thought it would be a seasonal allergy. A few weeks later, her roommate, Corona, was infected and her condition worsened. John said: ‘We didn’t know much about the virus at the time. My roommate was very sick. I felt that this could happen to me too and that I could not see my son again.

‘Super antibodies’ attack many parts of the virus
John says he wrote for his son until the last letter but luckily never gave it to him. John’s friend recovered but he did not get sick at all. John Hallis is a communications manager at a university. A doctor here was doing a clinical trial on Lance Leotta Corona antibodies. In July of last year, John started helping her with her studies. He started bringing in volunteers from campus to study.

John says, “I asked Dr. Lance about the results of his study. I told them that my roommate had been crowned but that I had survived. After that, the doctor took samples of John’s saliva and blood which showed he had a corona but his antibodies killed him. Dr Lance said, “John’s antibodies are so strong that if he is diluted 10,000 times by mixing the liquid, then he can beat the disease.”

John’s antibodies are different, also effective on new strains
Dr Lance says the virus has molten material around its surface. From these, the virus adheres to a cell and attacks it. The patient’s antibody sticks to the tips of those nails. When the virus has antibodies, it is unable to attack the cell. But John’s antibodies are different. They attack many parts of the virus and overcome it quickly. They are also effective on new strains.

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