covid 19 killed influenza virus: Corona virus killed influenza virus around the world? 98% cases reduced – Covid 19 killed influenza virus Flu cases bite by 98% worldwide

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The corona epidemic has so far killed millions of people around the world and millions of infected people have worked very quickly to manufacture a vaccine for the eradication of the corona virus.
The corona virus epidemic has so far killed millions of people around the world and millions of people have been infected with it. Global vaccine production is now underway at a rapid pace to end the corona virus outbreak. In the midst of the corona virus disaster, influenza has now sort of disappeared from the world. This has also been confirmed by data from the WHO.

DailyMail cited the World Health Organization as saying there were only 14 positive cases of influenza in Australia in April, up from 367 during the same period in 2019. That way, there were a 96 percent reduction in influenza cases. The flu is at its peak in June, but no cases have been reported. Alam, no cases of influenza in Australia have been reported to the WHO since July.

Meanwhile, in the Latin American country of Chile, between April and October, only 12 cases were reported, while in 2019, 7,000 cases of influenza infection were reported in Chilli. Only two influenza season cases have occurred in South Africa. The country has seen a 99 percent decrease in influenza cases compared to last year.

98% reduction in influenza cases
The flu season has just started in Britain, but since the spread of the corona virus began in March, there have been only 767 cases, while last year, from March to October, there have been had 7,000 cases of influenza infection. Last year there was a 10% increase in flu cases in the UK from September to October, which was only 0.7 this year.

Worldwide, it is estimated that there could be a 98 percent reduction in influenza cases. Clinical physician lecturer David Strain said it was real. There is no doubt that we are seeing fewer cases of the flu. Some experts say the corona virus killed the flu virus. They say that if a person is infected with a virus, there is less chance that they will be infected with another virus.

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