Covid-19 Pakistan update: COVID-19 Pakistan update, record number of people dying in one day in Pakistan, deployment of Imran Khan

After India, the corona virus has wreaked havoc in Pakistan. In the past 24 hours, 157 people have died from infection in Pakistan. In Pakistan, the number of one-day deaths from infection is the highest since last year. In Pakistan, 5,908 new cases of infection were recorded the day before. So far 16,999 people have died from corona infection in Pakistan, while the total number of cases has risen to 790,016. At the same time, Prime Minister Imran Khan recommended the deployment of the military to implement the Kovid protocol.

53 patients succumbed to the ventilator
Pakistan’s Ministry of National Health Services said 53 out of 157 patients died while under ventilation. The ministry said that in the Corona virus in Pakistan, 157 people have died in the past 24 hours. This is the highest since June 20 of last year, when 153 people died from illnesses in one day.

Imran Khan ordered the deployment of the army
Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan appealed to the Pakistani military to help the police administration follow the Kovid protocol amid growing Corona cases in the country. He called on the army to deploy the Pakistani army wherever force is required by the local administration. He warned that if we don’t get checked in time, in Pakistan, like India, Kovid’s cases may increase.

Cities will have to be closed if conditions like India occur.
After a meeting of the Pakistan National Coordinating Committee, Imran Khan said that I call on you to follow the SOPs so that we do not need to take the actions that India is taking, which means that the lock applies. Half the problem will be solved if you wear a face mask. He warned that if our situation becomes similar to that of India, then we will have to close the cities.

The poor will suffer the most from foreclosure
Imran Khan said the lockdown caused the most damage to the poor. People are asking me to implement the lockdown today, but we are not going to do it. He said that I reiterate once again that day workers and workers will be the most affected by this lockdown. He said Pakistan was the only country to have kept mosques open during Ramadan last year. I was proud of the way our religious scholars and imams informed the public about precautionary measures.

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