covid 19 pandemic which: corona virus is not the latest pandemic, don’t waste all the money on the world: the WHO chief – who chief tedros adhanom ghebreyesus warns the covid 19 pandemic will not be not the last

Tedros Adhanom, the head of the World Health Organization (WHO) surrounded by allegations that China has helped hide the Corona virus, has warned that the Kovid-19 pandemic is not final. He said the attempt to improve human health without preventing climate change and animal welfare is futile. He said the world “is raising funds to stop the corona virus in a dangerous way without thinking long,” but no country is ready for the next pandemic.

In a video message on Sunday on the International Epidemic Preparedness Day, Tedros said it was time to learn lessons from the corona virus outbreak. He said: “For a long time the world has worked in a cycle of fear and neglect. We waste money when the lady arrives and when it ends, we forget about it and we do nothing to stop the next pandemic. It is dangerously myopic and clearly difficult to understand.

A few months before the Corona virus, the Global Health Emergency Preparedness Monitoring Report, which arrived in September 2019, said that Earth is very regrettable for a devastating pandemic. Tedros said: “History tells us that this will not be the last pandemic and that the pandemic is a reality. The epidemic suggests that there is a deep connection between humans, animals and the health of the earth ”.

The WHO chief said: “Any attempt to improve human health is futile until the important human-animal interface is resolved. At the same time, our existence has been threatened due to climate change and this makes our earth less habitable. Let me tell you that 17 lakh 50 thousand people have been killed by Corona virus so far and after arriving in China 80 million people have been infected with it.

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