Covid 19 Pill News: US Biden Administration to Spend Money on Antiviral Pills Research for Coronavirus

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America has now opened treasure trove of world’s first drug of corona administration Biden donates $ 3.2 billion to develop antiviral drug If drug is successful, treatment of corona will be much easier
After the vaccine, America has now opened the treasury of the world’s first medicine for the war against the corona virus. The Joe Biden administration will give $ 3.2 billion to develop an antiviral drug. If the manufacture of this drug is successful, the treatment of corona virus infection will become very easy. In addition, it will be the first drug effective against the corona virus.

America’s leading infectious disease expert and adviser to President Badin, Anthony Fauci, announced the billion dollar investment. With this money, clinical trials of various drugs will be accelerated. These drugs will render a patient infected with the corona virus useless before they become seriously ill. If this trial is successful, by the end of this year, the world’s first drug against the corona virus can be revealed.

Construction of a new antiviral drug discovery center
Dr Fauchi said of $ 3.2 billion, $ 500 million will be used for research and development and $ 1 billion for preclinical and clinical trials. At the same time, $ 700 million will be used for construction. In addition, $ 1 billion will be used to build a new antiviral drug discovery center. Let us tell you that many viruses like AIDS, hepatitis B and C around the world can be treated with medicine.

However, there is no such drug for the corona at this time. Currently, Remdesivir is the only drug approved in the United States for the treatment of corona patients. It must also be administered by injection. Thanks to this new Antiviral Program for Pandemics, the vacant space for drug research will be filled. Fauchi said he waits for the day a person has a corona infection and immediately takes the drug to the pharmacy and eats it. Many drugs are currently being tested around the world. It also includes a Pfizer drug.

Over 177 million cases of Kovid-19 worldwide
The former US president said that I understand the corona vaccine is not necessary for children. Trump’s statement came at a time when corona cases jumped to 17.73 crore worldwide. In total, more than 38.4 lakh of people have died from this outbreak so far. The current corona cases and death toll are 177,355,602 and 3,840,181 respectively. The United States remains the most affected country in the world with the highest number of cases and deaths with 33,508,384 and 600, respectively. 933. India ranks second in terms of corona infection with 29,700,313 cases.

America is engaged in the manufacture of drugs Corona

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