Covid 19 prevention masks ventilation: the mask and ventilation are more than two meters away to prevent the corona virus: research – the study of mask ventilation is more effective than social distancing in preventing the spread of kovid 19

In the early days of the corona virus, the focus was on social distancing around the world. However, it has not proven to be very effective in recent research. A new study has claimed that masks and better ventilation systems are more important than physical distance in preventing Kovid-19 from circulating air in a room.

In research published in the journal Physics of Fluids, researchers designed a computer model of a classroom with students and a teacher. The researchers then prepared a sample related to airflow and disease spread and measured the risk of infection from the air. The model of the class measured 709 square feet with a ceiling nine feet high. It was similar to a smaller class.

“ Fear of spread does not decrease with increasing physical distance ”
The format included students with masks – any of which could be infected and a teacher with masks placed in the classroom. “This research is important because it provides guidance on how we perceive security in the internal environment,” said Michael Kinzel, assistant professor at the University of Central Florida, United States.

Kinzel said: “The study found that a distance of six feet is not necessary when you need to apply a mask to prevent the spread of wind.” According to the researchers, studies show that by applying masks the risk of overgrowth does not decrease with increasing physical distance, which highlights how many masks are needed to increase capacity in schools or elsewhere.

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