Covid-19 Sniffer Dogs: Trained Dogs Can Detect COVID-19 Infection By Sniffing

People infected with the Corona virus have a different body odor that trained dogs can accurately detect. This claim was made in new research conducted in Britain. The London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (LSHTM) carried out this research in collaboration with the charity Medical Detection Dogs and the University of Turham.

It has been described as a one-of-a-kind study involving dog training, scent analysis and modeling. Researchers have found that specially trained dogs detect disease with a sensitivity of up to 94.3% and an accuracy of 92%.

According to the research document released last week, dogs are able to detect infections in individuals without symptoms, as well as differentiate between types of corona viruses (strains), as well as assess the level of infection.

Professor James Logan, head of the disease control department at LHTM, said: “Their investigation may be hampered for some time due to the threat of new types of viruses entering the country.” In such a situation, these dogs can play an important role.

He said: “There is a need to study now whether dogs can reproduce these results in the real environment, but this finding is very encouraging.” The advantage of using this method would be to detect an infected person without symptoms in a large group of people with unprecedented speed and precision.

The researchers reported that the dogs were trained by a team of medical detection dogs to identify Kovid-19. Meanwhile, body odor was used, sent by the National Health Service (NHS) in the form of masks, socks and T-shirts. He said the LSHTM team collected 3,758 samples in the process and sent 325 infected samples and 675 infection-free samples for examination.

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