COVID-19 vaccine | AstraZeneca, Pfizer, Janssen in Spain news and Easter restrictions, live

COVID-19 vaccine | AstraZeneca, Pfizer, Janssen in Spain news and Easter restrictions, live


All the news and the last minute on the coronavirus pandemic in Spain and the rest of the planet, how the vaccination plan is progressing and what measures the autonomous communities impose so that the crisis due to COVID-19 does not worsen , live on laSexta. com

Updated: Tuesday, March 23, 2021 10:15 AM

Published on: 23.03.2021 10:15


Updated at 10:15


Health opens door to new restrictions for Easter

Less than 10 days before Easter and with the trend of the virus on the rise, health opens the door to the application of new, more restrictive measures. This is the message they convey from the ministry if the advance of COVID is not stopped.


Coronavirus in Navarre

In the past twenty-four hours, Navarra has once again surpassed the hundred or so new cases of COVID-19. Tests carried out yesterday detected 117 positives, according to still provisional data provided by the provincial government. In them, the positive points of the city of Aizoain stand out, with 11 cases, and those of the San Jorge district of Pamplona, ​​with 10 others.


Germany ends de-escalation, tightens restrictions

Merkel has announced a general closure for Easter. Only a few essential stores – and with limitations – will be able to open these days, such as gas stations, pharmacies and grocery stores. In addition, general restrictions are extended until April 18. This is to reduce interpersonal contact to a person who does not live together and even curfews are planned in the localities with an incidence of more than 100 new cases per 100,000 inhabitants in seven days.


US questions efficacy of AstraZeneca vaccine

British drug maker AstraZeneca may have provided outdated data in its latest study on the efficacy of the coronavirus vaccine, which was released yesterday. A trial in the United States, Chile, and Peru found it to be effective in 79% of symptomatic cases, but now U.S. officials are questioning that figure.


WHO warning: Coronavirus is ‘on the rise’ again around the world

Pay attention to the advice of the World Health Organization. COVID-19 is “on the rise” again and transmission of the virus increased globally last week, by 12% in Europe. These are the words of the doctor responsible for emerging diseases and zoonoses, Maria Van Kerkhove. So, and after five consecutive weeks of reduced coronavirus infections, over the past week, and to some extent due to the circulation of new variants, there is an increase in transmission and even deaths associated with this cause.

8:00 a.m.

China reports 9 new positives, all from overseas

China’s National Health Commission reported that the Asian country has detected 9 new positives for the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, all of which have been diagnosed in travelers from overseas. These 9 cases were diagnosed in the Shanghai metropolitan area (east, 1), and in the provinces of Guangzhou (south-east, 4), Shaanxi (center, 2), Sichuan (center, 1) and Yunnan (south, 1).


Germany will require all travelers to have a RAP upon arrival in the country

Germany will force all travelers to take a negative PCR test when they arrive in the country from anywhere in the world, even if this is not considered a risk area, the central government and the authorities decided on Monday. 16 federal states. German Chancellor Angela Merkel and regional leaders made the decision in a difficult meeting lasting more than 11 hours in which restrictions on public life and economic activity were extended and tightened due to the negative evolution of the third wave of the pandemic.


Brussels calls for “consistency” of restrictions on movement within and outside countries

The European Union calls for “consistency” in the restrictions applied to national and international travel due to the coronavirus. Although on Monday he declined to comment on Spain’s measures in this regard, the European Commission recommends ensuring consistency between the two types of travel. “It is necessary to differentiate on the one hand the free movement between the Member States, which falls under the competence of the EU, and on the other hand the measures against the virus within a Member State, which falls under the national competence “, underlined the spokesperson. at a Community Justice press conference, Christian Wigand.


CSIC announces single dose intranasal COVID vaccine that will prevent virus transmission

It will arrive later than other COVID vaccines but it will be one of the best on the market for several reasons. It will be a single dose, it will be given through the nose and will prevent transmission of the virus to the rest of the population. This is how Luis Enjuanes, the prestigious virologist at the head of this project, defends the benefits of the vaccine against the coronavirus under development at the CSIC. And provide more data. The vaccine will be ‘self-amplified’, which means that the dose of RNA injected can be multiplied up to 5,000 times in the body. In other words, it will be a more powerful vaccine.


Spain extends vaccination with AstraZeneca to 65 years

The Interterritorial Health Council has approved vaccination with AstraZeneca up to age 65 and announces that vaccination will resume on Wednesday with teachers and members of the state security forces. The move comes after the Public Health Commission approved increasing the vaccination age for those doses, which was so far 55 years old.


Incidence is only decreasing in five communities, and pressure reduction in ICUs is slowing

Spain added 16,471 new infections on Monday, of which 1,318 were reported in the past 24 hours. In addition, official data from the Ministry of Health on the coronavirus pandemic count 633 deaths from COVID-19 during the San José Bridge, since last Thursday the cumulative incidence remains at 128 cases per 100,000 inhabitants over the 14 past days, similar to the one reported last Thursday. But this Monday, it only drops in five autonomous communities, while the Balearic Islands and the Valencian Community.

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