Covid-19 vaccine at Tokyo Olympics: Olympic host Japan rejects China’s vaccine offer for own athletes: Olympic host Japan rejects Chinese vaccination offer

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Japan rejects use of Chinese Corona vaccine at Tokyo Olympics
Japan refused permission to use its vaccine just before the Olympics, giving China a big shock. In fact, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) approved China’s corona virus vaccine a few days ago without speaking in Japan. It has been proposed to introduce a Chinese vaccine to all players who will participate in the Tokyo Olympics.

Japan said – will not accept IOC decision
On this IOC decision, Japan said it would not accept China’s proposal approved by the International Olympic Committee, which proposed the vaccination of participants in the Tokyo Olympics and the Beijing Winter Games. ‘next year. Japanese Olympics Minister Tamayo Marukawa said on Friday that the IOC had not consulted with Japan on China’s use of the vaccine.

Japanese players will not install Chinese Corona vaccine
Japan even said that the actors in our country would not be involved in the process of obtaining the Chinese vaccine. He said the vaccine had not received approval for use in Japan. Japan has so far authorized the Pfizer and AstraZeneca vaccines. Since then, people have been vaccinated on a large scale.

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Preparation ramps up to prevent corona infection at Olympics
The Japanese minister said that we are taking comprehensive measures to prevent the epidemic to ensure participation in the Tokyo Games without vaccination. We are true to our principle of making vaccination a condition. Explain that Japan is working to increase production of the Corona virus vaccine in collaboration with India and the United States. It also includes the creation of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. On Friday there was a discussion on vaccine production at the Quad Country Meeting.

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