Covid-19 vaccine: Black marketing started in China ahead of final Corona vaccine stamp – China Covid 19 vaccine fears booming black market

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Vaccine (Work is underway to end the coronavirus epidemic in the world. Different countries around the world have also announced the success of their own vaccine. Well, hopefully next year at first the vaccine will come. But now the whole world is thinking deeply about how to get it to people as soon as possible after the vaccine arrives. Because people want the vaccine first and foremost so they can get the disease Don’t come, but he started black marketing in China.

Cheng wants vaccine before traveling to America
Cheng, who lives in China, wants to travel to America and before that, Cheng wants to get the Corona vaccine so he can travel comfortably and carelessly. Cheng contacted a friend working at a cold chain logistics company in southeast China for the vaccine.
Owner Cheng, a businessman from Beijing, now plans to fly to Guangdong province and pay $ 91, which he says is a vaccine produced by a unit of Sinopharm which is a Chinese developer and The vaccine will be delivered worldwide.

This is how the payment goes
Cheng said that you can only pay for this vaccine through Alipay Digital Mobile Banking, but you won’t get any details about it. Because apparently it’s the black market. Cheng has not made his name public, and only his last name is listed here. So that they are not disturbed in China.

Emergency use authorization in China
AstraZeneca and Pfizer are in the final stages of vaccine manufacturing as vaccine developers. Now these two companies are preparing for the challenge of selling outside the country. The company wants to deliver the vaccine to as many people as possible so that there is no shortage or black marketing of the vaccine. The delivery of the vaccine is already being tested in China. China has cleared its local developers for emergency use since mid-year.

Whole racket discussion
However, it has been said in China that the vaccine will be the first to work on the front lines. Like serious Covid patients and medical staff caring for port staff. Bloomberg News spoke to a dozen people. Those engaged for the vaccination of the vaccine vaccine. They asked not to be identified or to use only their first names in order to speak freely about their experiences. This indicates a widespread practice of labor relations and agents to jump in the queue.

Data not yet published
Unlike the Western Front, Chinese vaccine makers have yet to release public data on the effectiveness of their results in Phase III trials, making it difficult to say how successful their efforts have been.

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