Covid 19 vaccine: how much does India want from corona vaccine dose and how much will it cost, know all – India may need to spend $ 1.8 billion on covid-19 vaccines in the first phase, according to Gavi Vaccines Alliance

Also in India, large-scale vaccination is planned to combat the corona virus. The Indian government is preparing the vaccine as soon as possible with help from the states. Meanwhile, the World Health Organization’s associated institute, Gavi (GAVI) Vaccine Alliance, has reported that India may have to spend from Rs 103.11 billion to Rs 132.57 billion for the first time. vaccination phase.

600 million doses of vaccine needed
Among the countries most affected by the corona virus, India ranks second after the United States. The Indian government is preparing to administer doses of the vaccine to 300 million people over the next six to eight months. Vaccines India is considering include AstraZeneca, Russian Sputnik, Zydus Cadila, and Bharat Biotech. Apart from that, India will need around 600 million doses for the vaccination of its large population.

India will have to spend so much money
According to a report released at the Gavi Vaccine Alliance board meeting from Tuesday, if India receives 19-25 crore in doses through the Kovacs facility, the government will have to spend 103.11 billion dollars. Rupees for the remaining vaccine doses. On the other hand, if India receives doses of at least 9.5 to 12.5 crore of vaccine, it may have to spend up to Rs 132.57 billion.

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What is the COVAX installation?
The Kovacs facility is a worldwide collaboration with the Corona vaccine. Its objective is to develop the development and production of vaccines and to reach everyone. This collaboration is led by Gavi. Gavi is a link between Innovation in Epidemic Preparedness (CEPI) and WHO. According to information available on the WHO website on July 15, 75 countries have submitted an expression of interest to join the COVAX center. The goal of COVAX is that all countries (except developed countries) need at least 20% of the vaccines to be supplied through it.

COVAX Alliance for the distribution of vaccines
WHO has launched the GAVI Alliance (Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization) campaign with a COVAX or COVID-19 vaccine. He actually plans to develop the Kovid-19 vaccine and distribute it evenly around the world. His plan is to bring all the countries and vaccine companies together on the same platform. The WHO Director-General said that currently nine candidate vaccines have been included in the portfolio.

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