Covid-19 vaccine in Pakistan: there is no vaccine and corona is on the rise, fears Imran will ban entry of people from these countries – Pakistan extends travel ban in six countries, including Great Britain, until February 28

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Pakistan extends entry ban for people from 6 countries including Britain, Pakistan fears new strain of Corona virus, growing case: China did not send Corona vaccine even after promises, Imran KhanIslamabad
Faced with the Corona virus, Pakistan is now awaiting mercy from many countries of the world including India for the vaccine. China, Pakistan’s evergreen friend, has just refused to immediately give the Synovac vaccine. It is believed that China could send the Corona vaccine to Pakistan during the first week of February. Meanwhile, Imran Khan, frightened by the new strain of Corona, has extended the travel ban in six countries, including the UK, until February 28.

Restrictions on entry of persons from these countries into Pakistan
The Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority said on Friday that people from South Africa, Britain, Brazil, Ireland, Portugal and the Netherlands would be affected by the travel restrictions until ‘to February 28. However, he said if the country’s main organ linked to Kovid-19, the “ National Command and Operation Center, ” allows people from those countries to enter, then they will be able to enter the country.

Extended shutdown until February 28
Standard operating procedures issued by the Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority in December and January were also extended to February 28. The total number of outbreak cases in the country has risen to 5,43,214 and 11,623 people have died so far.

January is over but China has not sent the vaccine
China has pledged to deliver 5.00,000 doses of Kovid-19 vaccine to Pakistan free of charge by the end of January. There is only one day left in the month, but the Chinese Corona vaccine is not known in Pakistan. Previously, Pakistan had approved three vaccines, including the Oxford-Astra-Zeneca vaccine, the vaccine developed by China and the Chinese company Sinopharm, and the Sputnik V. vaccine developed by Russia.

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