Covid-19 vaccine in the poorest countries: poorest countries in the world COVID-19 vaccine India Serum Institute in India Connection: 92 poor countries in the world depend on India for the vaccine against the corona virus

India has temporarily banned the export of the corona virus vaccine to speed up the country’s vaccination campaign. This is why many countries around the world are angry with India. They claim that this affects the vaccine supply of around 92 poor countries over time. While the truth is that all of the rich countries including the United States and the United Kingdom have already captured a large amount of vaccines.

Britain requests 50 lakh vaccine from India
Britain has already administered at least one dose of vaccine to half of the adult citizens of its total population, according to an article published in The Guardian, accusing India of the vaccine. At the same time, it is looking for around 5 million more vaccines in India, which has only vaccinated 3% of its total population. Millions of vaccines have already been supplied to wealthy countries like Saudi Arabia, Canada, Britain and the United States.

Rich countries have no rights to serum vaccine
In fact, rich countries have no rights to the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine made in India at the Serum Institute of India (SII). This vaccine is not only intended for India. It needs to be done for about 92 poor countries around the world. However, in view of the increase in Corona cases, the Indian government has halted its exports for a while to speed up the vaccination campaign in the country.

Such a serum had signed a vaccine production agreement
Exactly one year ago, researchers at the Jenner Institute at the University of Oxford were at the forefront of developing a coronovirus vaccine, saying they intended to authorize the creation of their vaccine with any manufacturer anywhere. After that, the world’s largest vaccine manufacturer, the Serum Institute of India, had obtained an initial license to produce this vaccine by entering into a deal.

The Bill Gates Foundation spoiled system
Barely a month later, on the advice of the Gates Foundation, Oxford reneged on its statement and signed an exclusive rights agreement with AstraZeneca, a British multinational pharmaceutical group. After that, the Serum Institute also had to enter into a new contract with AstraZeneca. In which the Serum Institute was to manufacture vaccines for poor countries as part of the Gavi Vaccine Alliance (GAVI). This alliance was supported by the rich countries of the world and the Gates Foundation.

India to give vaccine to 92 poor countries
This includes 92 poor countries, which represent about half of the world’s population. In this regard, India’s share is expected to be around 35% per population. However, under an undisclosed deal, such an arrangement was made that the Serum Institute would manufacture 50 percent of the vaccine for domestic supply, with the remaining 50 percent exported worldwide.

Britain and Canada do not have the right to buy vaccines in India
There is a clause in the agreement that AstraZeneca can also approve exports to countries that are not included in this agreement. South Africa and Brazil urgently purchased the vaccine from the Serum Institute. This can also be considered justified, as they had no other option. However, rich countries like Britain and Canada, which are already sitting on a horoscope on large quantities of vaccines, also do not have the right to violate the vaccine made by the Serum Institute for poor countries.

These countries protested against India’s call
What’s great is that when India and Brazil appealed to the World Trade Organization for the vaccine patent, the countries that opposed it included Britain, Canada and Brasil. India and Brazil then said their monopoly on patents and pharmaceuticals should be suspended for some time for the rapid supply of vaccines around the world. Thanks to this, many companies around the world will be able to manufacture vaccines quickly without any hindrance. These countries were later seen to apply for vaccines from India.

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