Covid-19: Vaccine less effective in preventing the spread of Corona virus variant B 1.617.2 found in India, claims leading British scientist – vaccine against virus variant b16172 “ certainly less effective ” British expert

A senior scientist advising a vaccination program in the UK said that the B1.617.2 variant of the corona vaccine virus is significantly less effective in preventing the spread. This variant of the virus was first identified in India.

Anthony Hrandden, a professor at the University of Oxford and vice chairman of the Joint Committee on Immunization (JCVI), said extreme caution should be exercised in England in facilitating the lockdown, as it is not clear at which point this variant of the virus is identified in India is contagious.

However, Harnden said that no evidence has yet been found that this variant is more deadly or contagious. It is also not known whether a particular form of the virus can survive the vaccine.

“Vaccines may be less effective in mild illnesses, but we don’t think they will be less effective in serious illnesses,” Hardden told the BBC. But overall, they’re certainly less effective at preventing infections in mild illness.

He said, “We don’t know how much has spread so far. Evidence found so far suggests that there is no sign of an increase in the severity of the disease, nor has it been confirmed that vaccines can prevent them. Therefore, we will take deliberate action based on the evidence found so far. Harmden cited the gradual easing of the lockdown in England from Monday.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson addressed the press conference on Friday evening after Harmanden’s statement. Johnson said: “We believe this form is more contagious than previous viruses. In other words, it is easily spread from person to person. At the moment, it’s unclear how far it has spread.

Johnson said if the virus was more contagious, in the coming days a tough choice had to be made. He hinted at a reshuffle of the plan to end all types of lockdowns on June 21.

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