COVID-19 vaccine | Vaccination with AstraZeneca in Spain and restrictions at Easter, live

COVID-19 vaccine | Vaccination with AstraZeneca in Spain and restrictions at Easter, live


All the news and the last minute on the coronavirus pandemic in Spain and the rest of the planet, how the vaccination plan is progressing and what measures the autonomous communities impose so that the crisis due to COVID-19 does not worsen , live on laSexta. com

Updated: Wednesday, March 24, 2021 09:53

Posted: 03/24.2021 9:53 AM


Updated at 09:53


France studies the advisability of restricting international travel

The French government is today addressing the restriction of international travel, such as the controversial one in Spain, and will reconsider the reasons why it will be allowed. “We must be able to regulate things to avoid these trips,” said Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin, interviewed on the BFMTV channel on the contradiction between the fact that travel between regions of France is prohibited and travel is authorized, for example, for Madrid.


Coronavirus in Aragon

Public health reported 153 new COVID-19 infections detected in Aragon on Tuesday, 45 more than a day before, and no deaths. According to provisional data published this Tuesday on the Transparency Portal by the Government of Aragon, 130 of the new cases correspond to the province of Zaragoza, 17 to that of Huesca, 4 to that of Teruel and in two cases the origin n has not been notified.


Sánchez: “Spain has followed the recommendations of the European Commission”

President Sánchez replies that the “recommendations of the European Commission” have been followed, which consist in “keeping the borders open for intra-community travel, avoiding non-essential travel”. In addition, he stresses that foreigners who arrive “have the same restrictions as the rest of the compatriots.


Aitor Esteban wonders about international travel

Aitor Esteban (PNV) is now asking about restrictions on borders and international travel. “Let’s see if this policy of detente will be bread for today and hunger for tomorrow,” he said.


Sánchez defends his management in the pandemic

Sánchez responds by defending his management in the pandemic and highlighting the agreements made with social workers. “It’s not that funny, it’s sad to see the PP led by you,” he slams.


Government control session in Congress

The head of the PP asks the Prime Minister if he thinks that his government brings stability to Spain: “Three attempts to attack us with motions of no confidence, three resounding failures collected”. “While it is already irresponsible to destabilize governments with lies, it is immoral to do so in the midst of the plandemic, with 200 deaths per day and six million unemployed,” says Casado.


Coronavirus in Germany

The number of deaths with or by COVID-19 since the start of the pandemic in Germany has exceeded 75,000, including 248 in the last 24 hours, one less than a week ago, and thus reached 75,212, according to the data of the Robert Koch Institute. . Health authorities checked 15,813 new infections in one day, nearly 2,400 more than last Wednesday.


Health and communities decide today whether to tighten Easter restrictions

After days of stagnant incidence and a slight increase in COVID-19 cases, the Interritorial will investigate whether the measures for the holiday – which goes into effect on Friday – are sufficient or whether more needs to be taken.


Spain resumes vaccination with Astrazeneca today

The Oxford formula is administered again from today in Spain after the doubts generated and it also comes back with a novelty: its use is extended up to 65 years. We detail the groups, ages and dates of the vaccination plan.


US accumulates 543,741 deaths and 29,918,936 COVID-19 infections

The United States reached 29,918,936 confirmed cases of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus and 543,741 deaths from covid-19 disease on Tuesday, according to the independent tally from Johns Hopkins University. California is now the state most affected by the pandemic with 57,694 deaths, followed by New York (49,462), Texas (47,527), Florida (32,823), Pennsylvania (24,833), New Jersey (24,242) and Illinois (23,391).


China maintains downward trend with 10 new cases of coronavirus

The Chinese National Health Commission announced on Tuesday the detection of 10 new cases of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus in the Asian country, which represents an extension of the downward trend in this statistic. All of the new positives reported were diagnosed in foreign travelers in the Shanghai metropolitan area (east, 3), and in the provinces of Tianjin (northeast, 2), Guangzhou (southeast, 2), Inner Mongolia ( north, 1), Sichuán (center, 1) and Gansu (north-central, 1).


Health opens door for new restrictions to be enforced for Easter if virus trend continues to rise

Less than 10 days before Easter and with the trend of the virus on the rise, health opens the door to the application of new, more restrictive measures. This is the message they convey from the ministry if the advance of COVID is not stopped. Minister Carolina Darias insists the Easter plan is a “minimum deal”, and while she hopes no new measures will be adopted, she issues a warning: “we will be vigilant in case developments would force us to do so “. “The virus is not conquered and it is in our power to prevent a new upturn and a fourth wave,” he said.


UK plans to fine € 6,000 on citizens leaving country on holiday

UK residents who go on holiday abroad will face fines of 5,000 pounds (5,789 euros) from next week, according to new legislation prepared by the UK government to be passed on Thursday in Parliament. This was indicated on Tuesday by UK Minister for Health Matt Hancock in light of the possibility that a new wave of infections would arrive from Europe to the country, which on Monday recorded its lowest number of daily deaths, 17 , virus since last September.


Supreme Court refuses to open Madrid at Easter as Vox requested

The Supreme Court rejected the precautionary suspension requested by Vox of the closure of the perimeter of the Community of Madrid for the San José and Easter Bridge. The Contentious-Administrative Chamber has issued an order in which it rejects the request for precaution requested by the parliamentary group Vox to the Assembly of Madrid and its spokesperson Rocío Monasterio against the decree of the regional president, which established the closure of the perimeter of the region under the terms approved by the Interterritorial Council of the National Health System on March 10.


Data on coronaviruses in Spain: the incidence increases slightly and is linked by a week

The Department of Health added 5,516 new coronavirus infections on Tuesday, of which 2,941 were recorded in the past 24 hours. It should be taken into account that the Valencian Community has not reported all cases due to technical problems. In addition, 201 deaths from COVID-19 were reported in Spain on the last day. The cumulative incidence has increased slightly to 129 cases per 100,000 inhabitants in recent days. It has been a week since the incidence started to increase. The worst situation occurs in Melilla, with an incidence of 514.53 cases; Ceuta, with 255.97; Madrid, where the incidence is located at 222.74. Then come other regions which also exceed the national average: the Basque Country (192.09), Catalonia (166.73), Navarre (166.46), Asturias (157.90), the Canaries (137 , 23) and Aragon (132,19).

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