COVID case in russia 2021: Russia abandons Covid-19 vaccination target amid record number of deaths: more than 600 people have died from corona virus in Russia What was the effect of the Russian vaccine

Although Russia has made two or two vaccines against the corona virus, there is no reduction in the rate of infection and the number of deaths. Russia’s Sputnik V vaccine is being supplied to 67 countries around the world, including India. At the same time, 652 people have died from corona infection in his own country in the past 24 hours. Since last Thursday, more than 20,000 new cases of corona have been reported every day in Russia. Not only that, an average of 600 people also die every day.

In Russia, only 14% of people have been vaccinated
On August 11, Russian President Vladimir Putin claimed to have created the world’s first vaccine against the coronavirus, Sputnik-V. After that, in October, Putin approved the second corona vaccine “EpiVacCorona” after the first trials. He then said that during his trial, one of his daughters also received a dose of the vaccine. Despite the first announcement, so far only 14% of the population in Russia has received at least one dose of the corona vaccine.

55 lakh people infected with the crown in Russia
According to Russian health authorities, so far 5.5 million cases of this epidemic have been confirmed in the country, while the death toll stands at 1,34,545. Russian authorities have attributed the increase in infections to coronavirus in early June to the lax attitude of the Russian people towards taking the necessary precautions, the increasing spread of more infectious forms and the low vaccination rates.

Know the Sputnik V vaccine
The Sputnik V vaccine was developed by the Gamlaya Research Institute in Moscow in collaboration with the Russian Ministry of Defense on the basis of adenovirus. The Russian vaccine is based on the adenovirus that causes the common cold. This vaccine was manufactured artificially. This corona virus mimics the structural protein found in SARS-CoV-2, which produces the same immune response in the body that is produced by infection with the corona virus. That is, in a certain way, the human body reacts in the same way that it would respond to infection with the corona virus, but in this it does not have to face the deadly consequences. of COVID-19.

Corona continues to wreak havoc in Russia even after two or two COVID vaccines, records new patients found in 24 hours
The second Russian corona vaccine is based on peptides
The second vaccine against the corona virus ‘EpiVacCorona’ was developed by the Siberian Biotech Company. This peptide-based vaccine will need to be administered twice to protect against the corona. It was produced by the Vector Institute located in Siberia. Russian Deputy Prime Minister Tatyana Golikova and Head of the Consumer Safety Oversight Organization Anna Popova also received this vaccine, according to the Moscow Times.

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